Merry Christmas

Author: Amie   Date Posted:15 December 2023 


It's that time of year again, the best time of year - Christmas! 

Where the music at the shops is excessively cheerful with a hint of bells jingling in the background; Where the kids in the family start writing ever hopefull long wishlists for Santa (and Grandma & Grandpa).

Where one meal takes more forethought and preparation than any other meal of the year... Thoughts of: How will we all fit around the table? Do we have enough plates/glasses? How much of the food can I prepare before the day? Whats the weather going to be like? Do I cook the roast inside? Or keep the heat out of the kitchen and cook the roast outside on the BBQ? I know what I'll be doing, with average temperatures above 30 degrees at this time of year in the Northern Rivers - roasting on a Weber Q is as easy as it is in an oven, all you need is the right size roasting pack for your BBQ. Here at The Kitchen Shelf we can help you with that.

We probably can't help you find a last minute present for Aunt Sally's, new boyfriend's kids that you didn't know were coming until the day before ... But we can help with making sure you have all the plates, glasswear, salad bowls and servers, baking trays, pudding steamers, ham bags and more. We even have a selection of beautiful giftware for you to share with someone you love.

So please come in and see how we can help you prepare for the best day of the year.


Merry Christmas from everyone at The Kitchen Shelf

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